Here is work that I've either submitted somewhere, or that's up on arXiv.


  1. Counterfactual Fairness Is Basically Demographic Parity
    Lucas Rosenblatt, and R Teal Witter
    Proceedings of AAAI 2023
  2. Epistemic Parity: Reproducibility as an Evaluation Metric for Differential Privacy
    Lucas Rosenblatt, Anastasia Holovenko, Taras Rumezhak, Andrii Stadnik, Bernease Herman, Julia Stoyanovich, and Bill Howe
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 2023
  3. The Possibility of Fairness: Revisiting the Impossibility Theorem in Practice
    Andrew Bell, Lucius Bynum, Nazarii Drushchak, Tetiana Herasymova, Lucas Rosenblatt, and Julia Stoyanovich
    Proceedings of the Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT) 2023


  1. Spending Privacy Budget Fairly and Wisely
    Lucas Rosenblatt, Joshua Allen, and Julia Stoyanovich
    Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy 2022 (@ICML) 2022
  2. Critical Perspectives: A Benchmark Revealing Pitfalls in PerspectiveAPI
    Lucas Rosenblatt, Lorena Piedras, and Julia Wilkins
    In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact (NLP4PI) 2022


  1. PerfGuard: deploying ML-for-systems without performance regressions, almost!
    Remmelt Ammerlaan, Gilbert Antonius, Marc Friedman, HM Sajjad Hossain, Alekh Jindal, Peter Orenberg, Hiren Patel, Shi Qiao, Vijay Ramani, Lucas Rosenblatt, and  others
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 2021


  1. Differentially private synthetic data: Applied evaluations and enhancements
    Lucas Rosenblatt, Xiaoyan Liu, Samira Pouyanfar, Eduardo Leon, Anuj Desai, and Joshua Allen
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.05537 2020
  2. PerfGuard: Deploying ML-for-Systems without Performance Regressions
    HM Sajjad Hossain, Lucas Rosenblatt, Gilbert Antonius, Irene Shaffer, Remmelt Ammerlaan, Abhishek Roy, Markus Weimer, Hiren Patel, Marc Friedman, Shi Qiao, Peter Orenberg, and  others
    MLOps 2020


  1. Vocal programming for people with upper-body motor impairments
    Lucas Rosenblatt, Patrick Carrington, Kotaro Hara, and Jeffrey P Bigham
    In Proceedings of the 15th International Web for All Conference 2018


  1. Vocalide: An ide for programming via speech recognition
    Lucas Rosenblatt
    In Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility 2017